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Browser & Device Web Traffic Market Share

by Michael Malphurs

As an active developer of responsive, mobile-first, and mobile-only websites, I am constantly on the look out for the most recent browser and device web traffic market share data. Additionally, my firm has recently considered building a device lab that includes as many tablets and smartphones as possible. This has necessitated a look into what devices are the most popular and which garner the most web traffic.

What does the current market data tell us? Lets take a look at the most recent numbers:

WebTraffic by Device
Desktops – 79.8%
Smartphones – 14.6%
Tablets – 5.6%
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Notes of interest:

  • Desktops still dominate overall web traffic, a fact that is easily lost when reading so much about the mobile web and its rapid growth.
  • Of desktop traffic, PCs account for 84.48% while Apple sits at 14.43%. Linux trails by a a wide margin at 1.09%.

Web Traffic by Tablet
Apple – 94%
Other – 4.5%
Samsung Galaxy Tab – 1.5%
(Sources: 12)

Notes of interest:

  • The average number of tablets per 100 iPads is shockingly low.
  • Little has changed over the past 6 months even though there have been tons of new smartphones and tablets released “into the wild”. (Source)
  • It is surprising to see that Kindle Fire (.11) and Motorola Xoom (.21) users account for such a small share of tablet traffic. These devices are being used primary for reading and apps. (Source)

WebTraffic by Smartphone
Apple – 72%
Android – 26%
Other – 2%

Notes of interest:

  • Of all smartphone traffic, the iPhone accounts for 46% while the Samsung Galaxy III trails at 17%. There is a large mix-mash of other devices that account for the rest of the 37% of web traffic.
  • In the 10 weeks since its release, the iPhone is already responsible for 12.8% of all iPhone traffic. (Source)
  • The Galaxy Note II has sold well, but only accounts for a little over .3% of Samsung’s total mobile traffic. (Source)

WebTraffic by Browser
IE – 41.357
Chrome – 19.904
Safari – 16.260
Firefox – 15.560
Opera – 6.919

Notes of interest:

  • Like it or not, IE is still the juggernaut when it comes to browser share. (Source)
  • Chrome is rapidly gaining steam, even over the likes of Firefox and Safari.
  • Interestingly, Safari has now climbed above Firefox in web traffic.

It is clear that Apple still dominates tablet-based web traffic… to a staggering degree. And, they still hold the majority of the traffic from smartphones as well. Samsung is starting to catch up with their Galaxy III and the recently released Note, but are not quite there yet.

That begin said, whether you are building a site using mobile-first theory or developing one targeted specifically for mobile-only users, it is always helpful to know which devices will be accessing your sites. The truth is always in the numbers… Nothing will ever replace looking at your own Google Analytics data to see how your users interact with your site. The statistics you find may actually vary greatly from the statistics provided above. Yet, if you do not have such data available, the most recent stats can serve a as a solid base-line upon which to reference.

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